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     They say, Babies

    are the prettiest

    when they're sleeping.

    These cuties have

    a face of an angel

    when they fall

    deep asleep

    into their

    heavenly dream.

    See you in a

    dream soon ~


    Bucket Bag

    This bag is a

    compact drawstring

    bucket bag.

    You can hold it

    in your hand like

    a tote bag or also

    use it as a shoulder bag.

    Cute Dreaming Baby

    characters are added

    to the label for an

    extra burst of 


    Laptop Pouch

    This is a multi pouch

    that fits an 11" tablet PC.

    With various storage spaces

    inside,  you can store your

    pens, notes, and phone without

    the clutter.

    Hair Tie

    Made of soft fur fabric,

    these scrunchies look

    like the babies are sleeping

    on a fluffy

    bed of cotton candy.

    Tie up your hair,

    wear it like a bracelet, or

    use it as an interior prop for

    your room.

    Pajama Set

    Dream of Pajama set

    is filled with cute

    dreamy BT21 BABY

    character patterns.

    Brushed fabric is used

    to make the colors

    more vivid.

    Theses pajamas

    will make you feel

    nice and cozy

    when you are 

    dreaming away~

    Comes in

    Light Pink & Purple.


    Loungewear Set

    Made with light fabric,

    this loungewear set is the perfect

    outfit for when you are

    out for a quick

    run to the grocery store or

    when you're having a

    chill comfy stay at home day.



    This is no ordinary blanket!

    There are buttons and

    point pockets on this

    blanket so you can wear it as

    a cloak.

    Sleep Socks

    Your heart will

    melt when you see 

    the babies on your 

    feet, sleeping under

    the blanket!

    Spend your cozy and warm

    winter days with

     BT21 BABY's today!