BT21 Dream of Baby LED Desk Makeup Mirror & Storage

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    CUTE & BRIGHT LED MIRROR - Great for Traveling!

    I bought 2 as gift for a friend and my sister - and now I'm sad I didn't get myself one... It's so cute and BRIGHT! Works well and honestly think it'd be great when traveling (especially for those concert trips!). Sometimes the regular mirrors just won't do the trick, but for sure this vanity led mirror well! It's not too small/big, has cute characters, bright, and even storage space. I should get myself one too..

    So pretty and space saver!

    This mirror makes me want to do my makeup everyday now😅 I don't own alot of makeup so this is perfect for the few products I do own. I've been looking for this product for the longest and I'm so glad I finally found and bought it! At first I wanted it to do my makeup with BT21, then I wanted it for the little storage. Now I'm just excited to use it for both reasons! It has bright lighting to perfect my makeup and the storage is perfect for what I want it for. This is just simply beautiful! It's a BT21 product which I love. It works as a little storage box which is a plus. It is very light weight but good material, good lighting, and the sizing is perfect you can even carry it in your bag! Very pleased with my order!
    Ps. Just wanted to show some products next to the mirror to help show the size💜

    Lissett Hernandez
    Cute and lightweight

    This mirror was exactly what I was looking for! It is a perfect size to do your makeup and it doesn’t take up much space. My favorite part of the mirror is the adorable BT21 print! Overall this is a very convenient mirror for having at home or on the go!

    Ana M.
    Light it up like...a BT21 mirror whoa oh oh

    Super cute and functional mirror! It's a great size for either travel or home use and the fact that it has a storage compartment is an extra plus to organize your things on your desk and keep them from rolling away. It also has a pull out stand so you can either push it all the way in when not in use or pull it to change the angle you view the mirror at. The LED lights are much brighter than expected which is a really great thing when doing your makeup in a space with not so great lighting (i.e. hotel rooms). It comes with a charging cable which is super convenient and the adorable BT21 printing on the back is high quality and doesn't seem like it would rub or scratch off easily. Overall really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend!


    It’s super cute and great quality. It only has one light setting but it’s not dim at all!