BT21 x Jade Purple Brown Duffle Bag

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    Jade Purple Brown is an artist living in New York City. Her work uses strong figures, vibrant colors, and messages of optimism to create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment. Her artistic practice spans across Illustration, Design, and Creative Direction, and has attracted a wide range of global clients.


    This duffle bag showcases an all-over print of BT21 x Jade Purple Brown characters, along with padded shoulder straps and ample space—ideal for gym sessions, weekend escapades, and as carry-on luggage during air travel.

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    This is my 2nd duffel bag from BT21. This one is completely different materials and style from the old yellow one (I don't see it here now). This one, I love the bright color! I also ordered a language tag and a shirt to match with it. Can't wait to travel this March!!!

    Corey Schreck
    Did you see my bag?

    I fell in love with the colorful design of this bag and had to have it! The colors are just as vibrant in real life, and the design is just as gorgeous. The outer fabric feels like a nylon twill and the black lining is like a traditional medium weight nylon. There’s also a layer of something between the two that helps the bag kind of keep its shape when it’s empty. This is definitely a good quality fabric and design.
    This is now my every day going to work bag. I used an organizer insert to keep my must have items together and then there’s still plenty of room to put my bento and a light sweater. The padded strap keeps my shoulder from hurting if it gets heavy and the hand straps make it easy to grab when I’m getting out of my car.
    I plan to use this bag for a long time!