NewJeans bunini Talking Plush

    Bunnies! I love you New~
    Meet the bunini dolls with a message of love from NewJeans to Bunnies now!
    If you press the heart-shaped bag that bunini's are wearing, you can hear NewJeans message.
    Press the bag once to listen to the initial message,
    then press it again to hear the subsequent message
    once the initial one has finished playing.

    HAERIN's Message (WHITE)

    1.Bunnies! You'll feel better when you see bunini's smiling~
    2.What are you doing now, Bunnies?
    3.Bunnies eat well~
    4.Bunnies, have a nice day today!
    5.Bunnies! I love you New~

    DANIELLE's Message (GREEN)

    1.Hey, yo! How are you? I miss you.
    2.Hello Bunnies, thank you and love you always.
    3.Have a sunflower-like day today~
    4.Have a really exciting day today~
    5.Bunnies! I love you New~

    HYEIN's Message (BLUE)

    1.Bunnies, what are you doing today?
    2.Bunnies, what should we do today?
    3.Bunnies, fell better, yap.
    4.Bunnies~ You had a hard day today~ Good night, good night.
    5.Bunnies! I love you New~

    MINJI's Message (YELLOW)

    1.Lucky bunini is also responsible for Bunnies' luck.
    2.Bunnies boguming~
    3.Fighting with the lucky bunini today too.
    4.Bunnies, have a nice day today~
    5.Bunnies! I love you New~

    HANNI's Message (PINK)

    1.Good morning Bunnies!
    2.Bunnies~ Are you awake? You have to wake up~ Bunnies My Bunnies~ Our Bunnies.
    3.Bunnies, did you eat an apple today? Eat an apple & cheer up~
    4.Bunnies! I love you New~