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    Preserving the purity of nature.
    Experience the freshness of nature right,
    your own home.

    Diatomaceous earth is a natural
    material which is made of fossilized sedimentary rocks.
    Diatomite quickly absorbs excess water,
    eliminates odors & is anti-bacterial & mold resistant.

    Due to the nature of the material,
    powder on the surface may come off.
    Wipe gently with a dry cloth before use.

    Fill your entire room with
    BROWN's loveliness.
    Diatomite effectively absorbs odor
    causing particles and is useful
    in eliminating bad smells.
    Place this deodorizer in shoes, closets,
    or fridges to get rid of unwanted odors.
    Diatomaceous earth is an
    eco-friendly and sustainable material.

    This multi function BROWN coaster
    can be used as a mug stand,
    small accessory tray or as a soap tray.

    BROWN multi stand can be used as a toothbrush
    stand to remove excess water from your toothbrush.
    You can also place it on your desk
    and use it as a pencil holder or interior.