Neck Cushion & Hair Band


 Squishy Squishy ~ Soft Soft ~

These cuties are here to

bring you joy after

a long day!

The Perfect homebody

buddy you dreamed of.

Take me home! ~



Neck Cushion 

Whether you are

at your desk, your office or

your car, this multi-functional

neck cushion will make you relaxed

where ever you go.

The neck cushion has a snap

button for customized sizing

for comfort.

U shaped hugs 

your neck perfectly.


Head Band 

Stretchy and soft

to the touch, the hairband

clears your hair out of the way 

when you are washing your face.

The moment you wear the headband,

your cuteness levels up.

The hairbands are

perfect for when you are

washing your face,

wearing a mask

or taking a selfie. 



BT21 BABY Keyring 

Cute Statement keychain

you want to hang everywhere.