BT21 minini

    Fill up your adventure with
    unforgettable memories with BT21 minini.
    This action-packed travel collection
    features a hard carrier suitcase
    & travel hanging pouch,
    perfect for picnics, camping & vacations.

    BT21 minini's are here to
    keep you hands-free & make sure your
    important essentials stay right by your side.
    This crossbody features
    waterproof detail & a detachable crossbody strap
    for when you want to use it as a pouch.

    7 colors to choose from.
    Perfect for daily use.

    If you are deciding to go
    on a short adventurous trip,
    this hard case is just the thing for you!
    This mini hard case carries all your
    essentials needed for a 1 or 2-day trip.
    An elastic strap is attached to the
    back of the suitcase, which makes it
    easy for you to attach it
    to your luggage handle,
    perfect for when you are running out of hands.
    This product also comes with 6 stickers
    that can be used for decorating.

    Coming Soon!

    This Hanging travel organizer
    is the ideal bag to keep all your
    essentials neatly organized & accessible.

    We are all packed and ready
    to enjoy an awesome adventure with you!