BT21 BABY



     When you close your eyes

    and wish for your winter dreams,

    under the Christmas tree... 😌

    1, 2, 3, poof

    BT21 Babies are here!

    Whisper your precious story

    to Unistas today.




    Silent night,

    What is in SHOOKY's large sack?


    Adorable mini fluffy ornaments,

    to decorate the dream tree.


    May all of our dreams come true!

    The 7 babies are hanging the

    mini ornaments as they wish

    under the Christmas tree.


    Huggable cuteness!

    Our wish fairies wearing cute

    holiday costumes are even more

    lovely & precious than ever.



    A moment to spend a

    warm winter together!

    Stay warm at any time

    with extreme softness 

    wrapping your body.


    The high quality face

    embroidery patch gives

    an extra special touch

    to the contrast purple hoodie.

    The blanket hoodie is

    one size, so you can wear it

    comfortably anywhere.

    Wear it and the

    chill is gone!

    This hoodie feels like

    you are wrapped in a 

    soft fluffy blanket.


    Feel the holiday warmth

    with BT21 Babies today.

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