BT21 BABY
    Costume Plush & Closet Daily Fashion

    Soak up the vibrant energy of BT21. We've wrapped up our workout for the day. From comfort to style, Let's have it all and ignite our passion! Let's prepare for a fresh, casual look together!

    BT21 BABY Costume Plush

    This is a plush and soft costume-exclusive doll with a unique texture. Standing at around 6", it allows for easy pairing with various outfits and can stand upright. The basic shorts are detachable for added versatility.

    BT21 BABY Closet Daily Fashion

    Experience the adorable BT21 BABY style packed with cuteness! Gear up your BT21 BABY dolls for game day with the BT21 BABY Closet Daily Fashion Costume! Mix and match the individual accessories for a unique style. Perfect for any sports-loving doll owner!