Washing hands or using

    a hand sanitizer is the #1

    ways to prevent the

    spread of germs.

    Just place your hand

    below the pump, and a

    cloud of soap foam

    will pop up.

    Wash your hands safer

    with good ingredients.

    Start with Babies now!



    Throw your worries away

    with this cute waterproof design.



    The infrared sensor

    on the pump detects

    the hands and pumps

    soap without a touch.

    You can adjust the

    amount of foam:

    Normal mode (1g)

    Economy mode (0.6g)


    There is a cute figure

    and LED point design

    on the dispenser,

    which make a great

    interior item.


    Really easy to use!

    Insert 3 AA batteries and

    then close the cover.

    Assemble the

    cleaning liquid cartridge

    and turn the power on.


    Can be used up to

    6 months. Ample capacity!

    If you need more refills,

    connect with the QR code

    on the bottom of the product.

    Please note:

    You can only buy

    dedicated refills

    and replace them.


    (1) cleaning solution:

    Economy mode: 500 times

    Normal mode: 300 + times


    Depending on the battery,

    it can be used for up to 6 months.

    (The periods may vary depending

    on the difference in personal use)


    Have a cute clean day

    with BT21 Babies today!

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