Not only is it cool

    in texture and light,

    There are plenty of

    pockets inside to keep

    your office items in place.

    This is the only bag you need 

    this year!

    Check it out ~


     Laptop Bag

    Made with good quality nylon,

    it is very lightweight & waterproof.

    Comes in 13in, 15in

     3 - Way Style

    You can detach the laptop strap

    and place it inside the

    pocket compartment.

    1. Take off the strap and

    use it as a laptop sleeve.

    2. Carry it as a tote bag.

    3. Add the strap to wear it

    as a crossbody.


     Passport Case

    You can organize your

    ticket, cards, and receipts

    all in one place.



    The pouch is wide

    and has compartments

    so it easy to organize.


     Pencil Case

    The Embroidery detail

    on BROWN & SALLY'S face

    gives volume to the pencil case,

    which also gives it an extra touch

    of cuteness.



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