This winter,

    My wish is to always be

    happy with you 💕.

    The winter cold has arrived

    as the snow falls

    down from the sky.

    BROWN & FRIENDS will melt

    your hearts with their

    fluffy and warm cuteness.


    are wearing matching 

    cozy holiday sweaters

    made especially for each other.

    Made with the cutest

    rounded hands,

    the handmade sweaters

    will definitely be woven

    with love.

    The house is filled with

    cozy sweaters,

    thanks to CONY's

    hard work!

    'BROWN! It's snowing~'

    (CONY is calling BROWN

    to come outside.)

    In the very first snowfall

    of a winter season,

    BROWN and CONY

    make a snowman together

    in the afternoon cold.

    In pure white,

    two pink cheeks

    and prickly ears,

    Hmm.. this looks like

    a snowman that looks

    just like CONY!

    If CONY made a snowman,

    It's time to make a BROWN tree!

    Leave the decoration to CONY.


    Welcome our fuzzy friends

    with love.

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