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     Are you ready to party?

    Look at our soft and fluffy

    partners in crime coming

    to attack us with

    their cuteness!

    Check out BROWN &

    CONY dressed in their

    adorable party outfits

    starting from matching

    party hats all the way to

    their couple T-Shirts.

    You're all invited to BROWN's

    extraordinary house party,

    full of special memories.




    Let's find out what BROWN is up to!

    Looks like BROWN is making a 

    special cake with its adorable

    small hands.

    It also seems like BROWN

    is writing a letter to

    someone special.

    Who could it be?

    'Come over to my house

    and  let's celebrate~'

    Who is the lucky friend

    that received BROWN's


    AH! it was BROWN's

    best friend CONY!

    CONY has also prepared

    a gift for BROWN.

    What a sweet friend!

    Look at BROWN & CONY's

    adorable party outfit.

    Cuteness is doubled when

    CONY is with BROWN.

    Keep BROWN & CONY

    right by your side &

    experience this special

    moment together!

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