Where did you

 pop out from?

If you open it,

it turns into a

neck pillow &

when you zip it up,

it turns into a face cushion.


Check out the video below:




 All in one

Neck Cushion & Face Cushion.

Best bang for your buck.

Fabric is very elastic and 

cool to the texture which

gives it a special touch to detail.


 All in one, Neck Cushion & Face Cushion


 Fixed button attached to comfortably

support your neck.


 Stay at home office essential!


Loop is attached to cushion

so you can hang it on your backpack

when you're on the go.




Inside is filled with micro foam beads

which keeps you cool and

easily conforms to support your head and neck.



 This is not the end!

New! soft terry material

face wash band and

sleep mask.

Enjoy your stay at home

coziness with BROWN & FRIENDS.