BT21 TATA Tatton Plush (L)

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    Jessica Rose
    It's so fluffy!!!

    It's so big and fluffy and cute!! It's tower's over my other plushies and fit right in with the rest of my collection. It's the perfect bed time cuddle buddy but it will hog all the covers

    Large Tata for the win!

    Not going to lie, Tata was a bit of a impulse buy, but I have no regrets. This large, tatton Tata is so amazing and adorable. Not only can they stand on their own (How?! You are so tall, Tata. I am utterly impressed), but they're also so soft and cuddly. You can stand Tata up on your bed or give them a hug and they are right at home. The fabric is fuzzy and soft, and the stitching on the embroidery of Tata's facial features and the polka dots on their outfit are really great quality. I haven't found any loose threads or gaps. I've added pictures of Tata in my reading chair and with the minini Tata as a scale reference. If any of these large tatton plushes come back in stock and you were debating getting them, go for it. Such a joyous addition to my BT21 plush family.

    a good friend to have

    Tata is very well balanced and stands perfectly!! Tata’s material is very soft, making them very comfortable to cuddle with if you don’t want to display them standing up. The embroidery on Tata is very neat and their eyes, eyebrows, and smile are embroidered in purple! This color choice matches very nicely with the rest of Tata’s color palette and gives a nice air of softness to their face. An overall well-constructed and well-designed plush. This Tata is a great addition to any home!

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    My cuddle buddy!!

    Such a cutie and humongous Tata Plushie that can stands by its own.. I bought 2 Tata, 2 Koya, 1 Mang and 1 Cooky!! They came and it felt Iike it’s Christmas day!!