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    Item is available for purchase only for selected US Domestic OrdersInternational orders are restricted due to dimensional weight.


    1. (1) Qty of oversized item = $14.99
    2. (+2 or Max 14) Qty of oversized items = $14.99 x Item Qty x Tiered Discount
    3. (1) Qty of oversized item + general items= $14.99 + $6.99/Free Shipping


      US Domestic Only: (*Excludes: Alaska, American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Northern Marina Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, Armed Forces (Americas, Europe, Pacific)

      Item Qty: Which Takes: Cost (USD):
      1  3-8 days  $14.99
       2  3-8 days  $26.98
       3  3-8 days  $38.22
      4  3-8 days  $47.97
      5  3-8 days  $56.21
       6   3-8 days  $62.96
      7  3-8 days  $73.45
      Max 14  3-8 days  Qty x $14.99 - 30% Discount

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      Oversized Item List:  Sku ID:
      BT21 KiraKira Satin Cushion  4589419366465
      BT21 CHIMMY Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365307
      BT21 COOKY Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365314
      BT21 KOYA Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365345
      BT21 MANG Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365352
      BT21 SHOOKY Tatton Plush (L) 4589419365338
      BT21 RJ Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365321
      BT21 TATA Tatton Plush (L)  4589419365291
      BT21 Hole In One Yoga Mat  8809759895965
      BT21 RJ Neton Plush (L) 4589419365154
      BT21 SHOOKY Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 TATA Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 CHIMMY Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 MANG Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 COOKY Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 KOYA Neton Plush (L)
      BT21 Camping Chair 8809841683388
      LINE FRIENDS bnini Big Head Cushion 8809841683746
      LINE FRIENDS chonini Big Head Cushion 8809841683777
      LINE FRIENDS conini Big Head Cushion 8809841683753
      LINE FRIENDS selini Big Head Cushion 8809841683760
      BT21 SHOOKY Masquerade Tatton 8809841685900
      BT21 MANG Masquerade Tatton 8809841685924
      BT21 TATA Masquerade Tatton 8809841685887
      BT21 Ceramic Tea Set 8809841685207
      BT21 KOYA & RJ Retro Keyboard 8809841687393
      BT21 MANG, CHIMMY & SHOOKY Retro Keyboard 8809841687416
      BT21 TATA & COOKY Retro Keyboard 8809841687409
      LINE FRIENDS minini Picnic Folding Table 8809841688239
      LINE FRIENDS minini Picnic Mat
      BT21 BABY Car Floor Mat 8809841686730
      BT21 Picnic Mat 8809841685726
      BT21 Picnic Folding Table 8809841688246
      BT21 Holiday Cushion
      LINE FRIENDS Holiday Cushion
      BT21 CHIMMY Fruit Plush L 4589419370301
      BT21 COOKY Fruit Plush L 4589419370318
      BT21 KOYA Fruit Plush L 4589419370349
      BT21 MANG Fruit Plush L 4589419370356
      BT21 RJ Fruit Plush L 4589419370325
      BT21 SHOOKY Fruit Plush L 4589419370332
      BT21 TATA Fruit Plush L 4589419370295
      LINE FRIENDS with Minions BROWN Knee Blanket 8809841689724
      BT21 CHIMMY & SHOOKY WOW Cushion 4589419360906
      BT21 MANG, COOKY & KOYA WOW Cushion 4589419360920
      BT21 RJ & TATA WOW Cushion 4589419360913
      BT21 5th Anniversary Mini Dollhouse Figurine Set 8809886136146
      BT21 MANG BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371872
      BT21 KOYA BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371865
      BT21 SHOOKY BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371858
      BT21 RJ BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371841
      BT21 COOKY BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371834
      BT21 CHIMMY BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371827
      BT21 TATA BABY Basic Plush Cushion 4589419371810
      BT21 MANG BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371803
      BT21 KOYA BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371797
      BT21 SHOOKY BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371780
      BT21 RJ BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371773
      BT21 COOKY BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371766
      BT21 CHIMMY BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371759
      BT21 TATA BABY Basic Plush L 4589419371742
      LINE FRIENDS Winter Padded Blanket 8809886131868
      BT21 Winter Padded Blanket 8809886132025
      LINE FRIENDS with Minions Big Pattern Cushion 8809759895613
      BT21 CHIMMY Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133497
      BT21 COOKY Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133510
      BT21 KOYA Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133534
      BT21 MANG Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133541
      BT21 RJ Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133480
      BT21 SHOOKY Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133527
      BT21 TATA Oversized Fruit Cushion 8809886133503
      BT21 CHIMMY Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133565
      BT21 COOKY Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133589
      BT21 KOYA Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133602
      BT21 MANG Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133619
      BT21 RJ Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133558
      BT21 SHOOKY Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133596
      BT21 TATA Free Time Oversized Plush 8809886133572
      BT21 Plush Chip Bag 8809886131097
      BT21 CHIMMY Basic Face Cushion 4589419362108
      BT21 COOKY Basic Face Cushion 4589419362115
      BT21 KOYA Basic Face Cushion 4589419362146
      BT21 MANG Basic Face Cushion 4589419362153
      BT21 RJ Basic Face Cushion 4589419362122
      BT21 SHOOKY Basic Face Cushion 4589419362139
      BT21 TATA Basic Face Cushion 4589419362092
      BT21 CHIMMY Basic Plush L 4589419361965
      BT21 COOKY Basic Plush L 4589419361972
      BT21 KOYA Basic Plush L 4589419362009
      BT21 MANG Basic Plush L 4589419362016
      BT21 RJ Basic Plush L 4589419361989
      BT21 SHOOKY Basic Plush L 4589419361996
      BT21 TATA Basic Plush L 4589419361958
      LINE FRIENDS BROWN Basic Plush L 4589419361767
      LINE FRIENDS BROWN Basic Oversized Face Cushion 4589419361842
      LINE FRIENDS Hug BROWN Jumbo Doll 8809886130939
      BT21 inside MANG Hug Doll 8809926661799
      BT21 CHEWY CHEWY CHIMMY Napping Pillow Cushion 8809926664394
      BT21 CHEWY CHEWY CHIMMY Oversized Face Cushion 8809926664400
      LINE FRIENDS LEONARD Original Face Cushion 8809926664752
      LINE FRIENDS SALLY Original Face Cushion 8809926664745
      LINE FRIENDS BROWN Original Face Cushion 8809926664738
      BT21 minini Car Windshield Cover 8809954705502
      BT21 minini Car Floor Mat 8809954705533
      BT21 CHIMMY HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667500
      BT21 COOKY HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667517
      BT21 KOYA HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667548
      BT21 MANG HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667555
      BT21 RJ HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667531
      BT21 SHOOKY HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667524
      BT21 TATA HOPE IN LOVE Face Cushion 8809926667494
      BT21 HOPE IN LOVE Blanket 8809926668057
      BT21 MANG BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374712
      BT21 KOYA BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374705
      BT21 SHOOKY BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374699
      BT21 RJ BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374682
      BT21 COOKY BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374675
      BT21 CHIMMY BABY Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374668
      BT21 TATA Baby Mochi Face Cushion (L) 4589419374651
      BT21 RJ Cozy Home Cushion 8809954701474
      THE POWERPUFF GIRLS X NJ Cushion 8809972880564