BT21 SHOOKY Fruit Plush L

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    Cat Knox
    Shooky love!

    He's so soft and sooo adorable!! He's bigger than I anticipated (let's be real: Shooky is always tiny in comparison to the reat of BT21) and has a decent weight to him (so he won't tip over). You definitely won't regret adding him to your collection.

    Elly Scalz
    The Most Huggable!

    This Shooky is literally perfect for hugging and squeezing and acquiring little extra blips of serotonin. He is like a little ball I can hold while crying in a fetal position and having a breakdown. This plush is very high quality and so soft. The original item pictures included with the listing shown do not show the little fruit tag so I have included the stemmed cherries in my pictures here. The tag is a pretty, light teal with two watermelon pink cherries. The back of the tag has BT21 written on it in the same pink. The arms and legs are very soft and holdable and feel very securely attached. I feel good that they will not fray or fall off if I carry him by one of his arms.

    He's so squishy!!!

    I love this Shooky doll! Unfortunately, I've had no success finding a Shooky in the medium standing doll line but found this plush to be very cute. For a plush, he's pretty firm (i.e. doesn't flop over) and filled with some beads towards the bottom. Height is pretty comparable to the dolls in the medium standing line, except he's definitely more plump. I thought he might be bigger height-wise based on pictures and because the plushes in this line are a bit more expensive (also do not qualify for free or consolidated shipping). I'm still happy with the purchase though.


    This Shooky is so squishy and soft. He’s a decent size,( I added a proof album for reference). Wish they would make him as big as the others, he’s always smaller. Other than that no complaints, would recommend anyone to purchase!! Great addition to any Shooky collection <3

    Joecelyn Densing
    Too cute

    Bought this as a gift. Just too cute! Very happy with it.