BT21 Neck Massager

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    Deceptively and Surprisingly Good Massager

    I was not sure what to expect with a BT21 massager. I thought it might be more decorative than effective, but after using it multiple times, I can say that it's a powerful little massager. I love that you can adjust the intensity to your needs (highest setting kneads the neck) and that it warms up too. I sit at a desk all day staring at a computer and using this is a welcome treat at the end of the day. You just turn it on, set your intensity and heat setting and then, let it do its thing for 15 minutes. It shuts off automatically. So happy that we can celebrate our love for Bangtan with tools that we need day to day.

    Good with learning curve

    This is a pretty good little neck massager. You might wonder about it at first and think it doesn't work at all but as you learn your way with it, you'll discover just how good and helpful it really is! It's also quite compact so it's easy to carry around as you travel which is a bonus. This is a keeper for me!

    Not a normal massager, but not bad!

    At first, when I got this, I thought it was broken. After leaving it on the charger for at least 4 hours, though, it started to work. It is sort of unusual, you have to moisturize or wet your neck first or you could get a shock! This is similar to a TENS unit, I find it ‘jolts’ a little bit but overall I am quite happy with it as it does relieve my neck tension and pain. It’s also extremely cute, of course, and the price point is actually quite good for something like this. Please keep making practical, cute products!