BT21 MANG Gold Lamp

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    Fragile, not sturdy, not very bright

    I got this lamp when it was on sale, so for the sale price it was worth it. But I don't know if I would get it at full price.

    - It's got nice weight to it
    - The gold finish is nice
    - It's a great decorative item
    - Has three light brightness options (but all are dim...)

    - It's quite dim. It has three brightness options, but really no use for the dimmer options.
    - The lamp shade is extremely fragile. It fell over and got a dent really easily.
    - The charging port is at a weird spot - right at the top of the lamp, which can also cause it to fall easily if anything snags on the cord.
    - It's top heavy and falls over easily.
    - Also collects dust and fingerprints easily.

    It's also quite small. I knew this before purchasing, but wanted to mention this in case anyone doesn't quite comprehend how tall 6" is. Photo of lamp with the JITB album for comparison.

    - Expensive at full price, wait for it to go on sale if you really want it.
    - Great decorative item, super cute.
    - It's basically a night light.
    - Extremely fragile, handle with care.