NewJeans bunini Doll Keyring (Green)

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    "Time To NewJeans!"


    "NewJeans" is a 5-member group from South Korea consisting of MINJI, HANNI, DANIELLE, HAERIN, and HYEIN. Their group name reflects their aspiration to become an icon of the era, just like jeans that you can wear anytime without getting tired, and their determination to become "New Genes." Since their debut, they have received acclaim for pioneering a new paradigm in K-pop and have garnered the love of fans worldwide.

    NewJeans bunini Doll Keyring

    Experience NewJeans unique identity now in your daily life. We've lovingly recreated the adorable bunini featured in the 'ASAP' music video as a charming doll keyring. Its pint-sized cuteness is twice as charming and fits perfectly in one hand.

    Customer Reviews

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    It’s ok

    The quality isn’t great for the price. It’s shapeless, not as well made or detailed as the Line Friends Collection key ring. The arms, legs, and head are just bumps. It’s a gift, and it’ll do because the recipient loves the buninis.

    Helen Wu
    #EarlyBird2023 So cute!!!

    I love the keyring. It’s really easy to clip onto a bag without much effort. The actual bunini doll isn’t too big and bulky. Color looks yellow in some lighting