BT21 CHIMMY Double Wall Glass Cup

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    Best Iced Latte Cup!! #WorldFoodDay

    I was wondering how much liquid was going to hold in the cup and it's the perfect amount for a nice sized iced latte! I poured 8 oz of oatmilk and two shots of espresso into the cup! The design itself is obviously very cute because of Chimmy! The glass feels very high quality and sturdy. And it's very easy to clean. I can imagine that other drinks like tea or juice besides coffee look very cute inside. I'm very happy to start my mornings with such a cute drink. It's such a nice way to treat yourself. Definitely considering adding more cups to my collection.

    Chimmy is so cute

    Surprised by the big size cup I already have a small size Chimmy double cup so I thought it would be small but I love it because it's big and the upside down Chimmy is lovely too

    Cutest drinks ever!

    Love this glass so far! It came in a well-protected box to keep it from breaking that is also great to store it. I was worried when I ordered it that it would be a small volume, but it can hold well over 8 oz, probably up to 12 oz. It is a wide glass, but still holdable with one hand. I have had many tasty things from Chimmy already :) His little upside-down face is so cute when it gets filled with liquid. I would definitely recommend getting one of these, and I hope I can collect more of them to have the set!