Soft big fluffy ribbon,

    & two rosy hearts 💕 

    on CHOCO's cheeks,

    shows her cute charisma.

    Get ready in style with

    CHOCO's beauty secrets!


    Essentials before skincare:

    Use CHOCO's soft hairband

    to keep your hair back when

    applying your skincare or

    washing your face.

    Wrap the soft shower skirt

    around your waist to keep you

    dry after the beach or gym.



    Apply these items into

    your beauty routine stress-free.



    This square beauty pouch

    is perfect for easily storing

    bulky makeup products.

    In the slim multi-pouch,

    add long items like

    makeup brushes or lip products.

    You can also use it as a pencil case.


    The cuteness of round

    CHOCO's face,

    all in this cute small hair clip!

    Use this clip to give a

    cute point to your hairstyle.

    Fill your special day

    with CHOCO's love.



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