BT21 Glencheck

    Check mate!
    Classy aesthetic with a touch of cuteness.
    Check out our BT21 Glencheck series.

    BT21 Glencheck
    Drawstring Pochette

    Show your classy side and put it on display.
    You can wear it like a
    crossbody or carry it like a tote.
    The glencheck fabric elevates the look,
    with just enough room
    for your everyday essentials.

    BT21 Glencheck
    Tote Bag & Pouch

    Whether you're going to the park or the bookstore,
    this daily tote will fit all your essential needs.
    It also comes with a colorful zip pouch,
    ideal to keep smaller items from
    rolling around your bag.

    BT21 Glencheck
    Tea Towel

    The toweling fabric makes this towel
    more absorbent than your average tea towel,
    and the double sides are what makes it versatile.
    Use the checked side as a pot holder and
    the terrycloth side to wipe down your countertop.