In the morning when

    you wake up, don't look

    at your phone, look sideways.

    Smart babies will tell you

    the time, temperature, & date.

    Your new cute roommate will

    support your daily life.

    Save your word,

    I can read your mind~

    This convenient clock

    has 2 different modes for

    Time, Date & Temperature.


    How to Set:

    Press the SET button shortly.


    DP-1 Mode:

    Time (10 sec), Date (2 sec),

    Temperature (2 sec)

    repeat display.


    DP-2 Mode:

    Keep showing time only.

    If you insert 3 AAA

    batteries, you can use

    it wirelessly. When using it

    on a desk, just connect it

    with the cable and you are

    good to go!


    When using batteries,

    try using power-saving mode.

    If you clap or tap the clock,

    The LED light will appear.


    How to Set:

    Press and hold down the button.


    Lighting Method:

    Clap nearby or tap the

    clock for the LED to appear.


    If you add your business card,

    photo, or memo on the clock,

    your room interior 

    shines even more!

    Made from solid bamboo material,

     the design gives your environment

    warmth and a special

    touch to your space.


    Whether you are at your

    desk, bed, living room,

    or office, Babies will

    cheer you up wherever

    you go!

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