BT21 BABY



     This clear holographic border detail

     diary with colorful BT21 BABY

    illustration pages will make your

    planning for 2021

    even more exciting!

    2021 Diary ( Coming Soon)

    Decorate your diary

    with the cute BT21 BABY

    stickers that are included.

    The zip-up diary cover is made of pvc,

    so you can keep your

    daily diary neat & organized.


    With a binder style

    6 hole diary and 9

    different types of covers,

    you can organize your diary

    to your liking.

    2021 Calendar

    Fill up your 2021 calendar

    with joy and memories.

    The babies are here to

    cheer for you!

    Each month of the

    calendar has a different

    color and cute character tabs on

    the side so it is easy to use.

    The calendar has

    spaces where you can

    write down your 

    important anniversary &

    schedules so you

    don't forget~

    The tray is included  so

    you can place it on your desk.

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