Introducing to you our

    beloved cat Ring Ring~

    With a bell on its neck

    KITTEN BROWN hovers around

    me all the time!

    They are adventurous

    cats with pink jelly paws.

    They will instantly become a

    heartwarming addition to the

    house with its irresistible

    fluffy soft touch.

    From the dynamic flying pose

    to loafing,

    Meet our one and only





    (Crumble, Crumble)

    Loves going inside boxes

    or bags!


     Curious cheese cat

    is our house copycat~


     Our cream kitten wearing

    a toasty bread colored

    hat is a master bread baker.

    The grey cat on top

    of the cat tower loves

    it when you stroke his fur.


    A jumping cheese cat,

    A grey cat lying down,

    A smiling cream cat,

    They all play together

    in different poses.


    When you sit on

    the sofa,

    KITTEN BROWN sits on top

    of your lap.

    This is KITTEN BROWN's most

    favorite place to chill.


    Combining fluffy and cozy~

    KITTEN BROWN loves snuggles

    on top of your lap doing it's

    signature catloaf pose.

     A velcro pocket is hidden

    inside their soft underbelly.

    Put a small size hand-warmer

    in there and you'll be able

    to hug it with a

    bigger sized warmth!



    No one can pull off

    KITTY BROWN's fish costume

    as cute as SALLY.

    Once you loosen the strap.

    you can feel the soft touch

    of the blanket when it is

    spread out.

    The blanket is the right cozy

    thickness for both

    fall & winter season.

    Meow meow, dingle-dangle

    On top of my monitor,

    in the corner of my bookshelf,

    KITTEN BROWN is always there

    for me!

    Spread its two arms so they

    become just the right angle.


    An adorable mini pouch

    with outstandingly chubby cheeks!

    It is best for storing daily-use cards

    and other small items.


    With a softness that resembles

    the Autumn sunlight, 

    this bucket bag comes

    with an adjustable strap

    that opens and closes.

    Without the strap,

    you can utilize it as a tote bag.


    Enjoy a pleasant Autumn together,

    with KITTEN BROWN.




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