BT21 KOYA Heart Tatton Standing Doll

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    Alexie Davis
    Koya Cuteness

    Omg he is so cute!!! And soft! Shipping was super fast less than a week to get.

    Frankie Contreras
    Lilʼ Koya 🥺

    I’d been eyeing Koya (and, of course, the others) for the longest time and am so glad it arrived safely. The light blue, rosy cheeks, smile, and little heart on his hand were so adorable I just had to buy this guy. The joy I felt when I opened the package and saw this baby koala. Ugh, I love them so much. Definitely worth the purchase!

    So adorable

    I knew that this is on the small side, but I wanted it so that I can take it with me when I travel. This little Koya is the absolute cutest with the heart and it stands too (although it’s not the most stable). I’m satisfied with the quality and shipping. It would be nice if there’s a bigger, huggable version too 🥰💜

    ren s
    Perfect travel friend

    I love it! I love that it’s a standing doll, so Koya is able to stand on their own for photos and it’s also a good size to fit inside your bag to take with you on your adventures :,) Cute! The material is really soft too and the colors are bright.

    Lucrecia Tun
    Baby Koya Doll

    As soon as I saw this product, I wanted to have it as soon as possible. When it was finally delivered, I was very happy to have received it and it is both soft and fluffy. I like how baby Koya is holding a heart in his left little hand and giving love to anyone. I also like how Koya can lie down or be standing on its own as shown in the image. I am very happy to have purchased this product and if I could purchase the other BT21 characters then I would do so. Overall, this is a very adorable and lovable product for anyone who needs some love in their life! :)