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    BT21 RJ minini Standing Doll

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    That was a good purchase

    It took more than a month to arrive, but it was so cute and I'm really glad I bought it.


    So adorable! Great size and really does stand up! I only have half the members right now so I can't wait until all of them restock so I can collect them all. :)

    Minini but with great responsibilities

    I didn’t get to hold him in my arms yet, but minini RJ got great responsibilities already as he’s been in charge of accompanying my wife in her IVF journey. And he did such a great job, being the most trustworthy, soft yet discreet friend she could’ve dreamed of.
    The packaging is precious, a makeshift bed for our hardworking baby so he can get a good night sleep after a tough day!
    Soon enough we can hopefully get him a little friend to play with, be it minini Chimmy or, hopefully, a mini human who will cherish him just as much.
    If you’re still wondering whether you should get one for yourself, remember all RJs deserve a loving family and these little ones will definitely stole your heart the second you see them ♡

    stella mae
    this RJ is so adorable!!

    as soon as i opened little RJ's package i was immediately hit with the warmth of his cuteness! i love how the box is themed to be his bed and how he comes with a little blanket! i absolutely love the size of this plush (i added a size comparison to some of my other RJ plushies), he's so small and adorable! now that i have one of the BT21 minini plushies... i kind of want to collect them all! definitely worth it! thank you!