BT21 RJ minini COIN BANK

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    Assets Recovery

    I placed a trade after careful analysis and forecasted a steady price increase as per market indicators. To my surprise, the trade instantly went south, and all my investment evaporated within moments. Comparing the price and behavior on other broker's platforms, it was clear the fluctuation was uncharacteristic of the normal market trends, pointing towards a possible deliberate manipulation by GLOBAL FX and my account was locked. made research for help and came across a Mustang support team who helped me get back my money and account unlocked. Victims who are interested can contact them via mustangggrc @ gmail. com. Once again, thanks Mustang.

    #WorldFoodDay RJ coin bank

    It’s so cute. I bought it at the line friends store in NY! I love it so much and I’m going to use it to save money for concerts! I 100% recommend getting it.

    Cute but...

    It is honestly so adorable. My only problem is that you have to press the button really hard to get RJ to come out. I don't know if it's just mine. And maybe RJ's arm is a bit loose or something because he can't seem to take heavier coins like nickels/quarters unless I push it really close to the edge.

    adriana ortega
    I love my Rj coin bank

    This is so small and super cute I bought 2 I can’t get enough of this I have been waiting for a coin bank. Shipping was fast also

    Luna Richardson
    Love it soooo cute!

    I bought the RJ Coin Bank and it was here in I think less than 2 and a half weeks. It s so cute I love it!!!