BT21 RJ mini minini Doll

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    So Adorable

    So cute and well packaging, this mini minini doll made my day : )

    Andy Gomez Galeana
    omg, it's SO CUTEEE!!!!!!!

    I can't explain with words how beautiful it is, wherever you look at it, you could d*e of cuteness. It's so small that you want to keep it in its box so that nothing hurts it. The first time I saw it, I immediately thought of his dad Jin, and it's like I really have a small part of him with me and it makes me want to have my little RJ around me all the time. Being honest the purchase was worth every penny.

    RJ its like having Jin next to me

    I feel like you need to have at least one RJ product in your life, its just such a cute character and reminds me so much to Jin these days, the size is small so is perfect to carry around, like a little lucky item, also, the box with the tiny bed and the card with the info is very thoughtful, i think it was so sweet, since its supossed to be a very very baby version of BT21. I've have him for a few days now, and every time I see RJ I can't help but think in Jin, he really loves him so much so i'll try and take good care of him, just like his father would do