BT21 CHIMMY minini Standing Doll

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    Sofia Naranjo
    Cutest Thing!!

    It came exactly as pictured! It took approx. 5 days to arrive, it was super quick! All the details make it super adorable. A small side note, the plushie is like a sturdy kind of plushie, it's not like a squishmallow, for those who might've been curious about the shiquishiness of the plushie. Overall, I loved it and I'm getting Cooky next! <3

    Angela M.
    Super cute!

    All the little details of this item is so cute - the box, the text and the blanket with the standing doll! I'm so happy they were restocked, and I was able to grab both Chimmy and Shooky :)

    So adorable

    Chimmy Minini (along with the rest) are so adorable. This standing doll is great. Nicely sized and just friggin' cute. I can't get enough of them!


    So cute!!! I was so happy to see that they restocked these because I didnt get to buy any the first time around :/ but I am SO HAPPY to add these cuties to my collection!!

    Chelsea Domingo
    Chim-mini is Seriously Adorable 😍

    Before I even saw Chimmini, the little box he came in is the cutest thing ever! It's packaged like he's being shipped out to me (I mean ofc he was but still), everything from the little Chimmini peeking through the side to the postage stamp to the drawings of his room on the inside was super adorable! But then I saw Chimmini!! He was really soft and came with a cute little purple blanket 🥺 my heart melted right then and I am so obsessed 💜 Not only that but I got this little guy pretty fast, within 5 days. I truly could not be any happier about this purchase, too adorable!!!