BT21 COOKY BABY Portable Mood Lamp

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    Came scuffed

    The lamp works great and has 3 strong settings. The problem is, is that it came with paint chipped off. I read the other reviews had the same problem and hoped mine didn’t come the same but it did.

    Angelyne Montes
    Cute and bright but some issues

    This lamp is very adorable! But im gonna be brutally honest here and say i wasn’t 100% satisfied with this product. The lamp illuminates very brightly with three different light settings. The brightest setting indeed is bright but so is the first setting so that’s nice . The box comes with an included charger which is a bonus, considering how fast this lamp dies.
    The brightest setting eats up the energy it has to the point that it works mostly while it’s connected defeating the purpose of it being portable. The charger is also a specific type of charger instead of an easily attainable android/USB charger most electronics use nowadays. If this charger would to fray, it would be kind of a nuisance finding a replacement.
    Second issue would be that it came smudged. :( The pink and black paint used to color cute little cooky is on the actual lamp. This is a small mistake that could easily be overlooked but for $30 plus shipping, I would hope it would be painted better. all in all, it’s good and light and is easy to carry around and doesn’t take up too much space but could definitely be better for its price tag.

    The best portable lamp

    I love this lamp!.. it is so easy to use. Since I have a floating night table, I was looking for a portable lighter not heavy lamp. I found it!. The LED light is warm and do not disturb the essence of relaxation in my room. I do recommend this lamp so much. It is light, fast to recharge and portable.

    Cookie lamp

    It's beautiful and ideally it's rechargeable, I love that idea and I can take it anywhere, I love it.

    Angela Perales Arteaga

    Bought as a gift for a friend and it’s the cutest lamp ever! Perfect size for a desk or nightstand :)