BT21 CHIMMY Face Plush Keychain

This keychain is a miniature version of our BT21 flat face cushion. Though it's not as huggable, it's still a perfect size to give it a squeeze. 

Product Description:
BT21 CHIMMY face plush keychain


Product Size:
4.9" X 4.6" X 1.9"

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I LOVE IT!!! <3

It is beautiful, soft and bigger than I thought. I have Chimmy's keychain, and I was surprised that it is even bigger. perfect, I love it!!


Adorable and bigger than expected!

LOVE this Chimmy Keychain! SO adorable!

Love this Chimmy keychain! Super soft & cuddly. Really good size too. Comes nicely packed in a clear plastic box. Great addition to all my other BT21 faves! He will be great hanging from my backpack purse. Line Friends always does a really super job with these plush pieces. Excellent quality, as always. I hope they keep adding more plush items.

Great Product!!

The fabric used to make Chimmy is very soft and doesn't shed. The stuffing is soft enough that Chimmy is very fun to squeeze but returns back to his original shape. The key ring clip is very high quality with a very strong spring so there is no risk of Chimmy falling off your bag accidentally. Even the small rope used to attach Chimmy to the hook is almost the exact same color as the fabric so there were no mismatched yellow bits on the key ring plush. Chimmy's ears are even slightly weighted so that they always droop down and aren't weirdly out to the side. However mine did come with a few off stitches around his noes and mouth but far away you can't really tell that anything is wrong. The white tag is also rather long and annoying but you can cut it off if it's a huge bother. I think that this Chimmy product is overall amazing and a great addition to someone's collection and I highly recommend it, it makes me very happy to see it and will make others happy seeing it too.


I bought this chimmy keychain to join my chimmy tote and it’s amazing. It isn’t too small at all it’s eye catching enough. It’s incredibly soft material you can really tell the great quality of the product. The colors are bright and vibrant it just like the picture. The metal hook is a gray/black chrome and it’s heavy for being small piece of metal. Overall extremely happy with it and it’s an amazing quality worth every penny I really do not regret buying this chimmy key chain. It makes me extremely happy looking at it everyday on my chimmy tote.