LINE FRIENDS BROWN Silicone Avocado AirPods (1 & 2) Case

The rich colors and texture details on this AirPods case perfectly resembles a ripe avocado. The casing is thick enough to give your AirPods the protection it needs against scratches and occasional drops.   

Product Description:
BROWN & FRIENDS Avocado BROWN AirPods case (for generation 1 & 2) w/ carabiner

Silicone, Aluminum (Carabiner)

Product Size:
2.7" X 1.4" X 2.7" 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
AvoCUTE! 🥑

Lately, I’ve been OBSESSEDDD with avocados!! As soon as I saw the email about them I had to make the upgrade from my very plain and boring grey case.
This case has such a nice feel too it and it’s pretty big which I LOVE! I was nervous about the top part of the case because it’s not connected to the body, so I was afraid of the top just flying off, but it can be tossed, dropped, and even when you open it the top part of the case doesn’t come off so that’s an extra +. 10/10 Recommend to avocado and Line lovers !

This is not a purchase, but an *investment*

I saw this sold on the LINE Collection a while ago but I didn't have Airpods at the time. Now that I have Airpods it just so happened a day later this case showed up on the website. I adore this case! It's so cute and per usual of LINE Friends it's extremely well made. I will say I wish there was a bit of a better grip on the top portion, but I think that's a pretty common issue with two-part Airpod cases like this. I got a recommendation to use double-sided tape on the inside of the top part and that should do the trick? But I don't intend on taking it out often so if you're a person who switches cases often that could be a benefit. Overall, 5/5 stars for quality, cuteness, and compact design.