LINE FRIENDS BROWN 2 in 1 Beads Neck Cushion

Who doesn't like a 2 in 1? When you need a quick nap, convert this face cushion into a neck pillow and rest your head on your desk. When you're in need of a backrest, convert it back to a face cushion and prop it against your chair for prolonged periods of sitting. Perfect for school, the office, on trips, or for sleep. Filled with polystyrene pellets, these stretchy cushions excel at giving ample support.

*To convert, unzip the face cushion, pull out the pillow case inside, and stuff the face cushion into the pillow case to use as a neck cushion. To change back, follow the same steps as above.  

Product Description:
BROWN & FRIENDS BROWN 2-in1 face cushion & neck pillow with snap closure

Polyester, Spandex, Polystyrene Pellet

Product Size:
12.6" X 12.6" X 4" (face cushion)


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Ordered in January have bit received my order

Hello, for some reason I have not received an order purchased since November (?)
Did not get an email or anything or follow up on my order : (