BT21 KOYA AirPods Case Cover

The snaps of this fluffy case make it super easy to cover and protect your Airpods. Carry your Airpods around wherever you go.

Product Description:
BT21 KOYA AirPods cover with snaps

Polyester 100%

Product Size:
4" X 2.6"

*This case is not compatible with AirPod pro models*

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
highly recommend :^0

i've had my Koya airpod case for a little over 6 months and i'm still in love !
i use it about 4 times per week and my cat also enjoys playing with Koya but despite the frequent use, Koya is *not* dirty or falling apart. there are some parts on the side that are showing some love (no fraying, just the fur laying in a different place and maybe slight discolouration but i think i could wash them). i got the Koya to remind me of Namjoon constantly losing his airpods, and i must say, Koya helps me remember ><
the fur is soft but not long i'd compare it to the fur on some of the other plushies and sleep masks, and the snaps are sturdy. there is a charging hole on the bottom where you can plug in your airpods with the BT21 case on and you can see the sturdy part that keeps Koya's shape (it's a slight yellow-ish) but even then the seam around the charging port is good and i'm too distracted by Koya's content expression to notice.
overall, i highly recommend Koya and the fuzzy airpod cases and they are definitely worth buying :( <3
(also please ignore my hands and background ! i hope that i am not a person to you, but more a review,, thank yu)

Music On The Go with Koya!!!

Koya is my favorite BT21 character. His personality aligns with mine so much. He’s intelligence and loves his naps like I do. So it only made sense that I surround myself with Koya things! I got AirPods for my birthday and was searching all over for the internet for a case for them so I could easily take them on the go and not lose them. Of course the Line Friends store came through with this super cute and AirPods case! It’s sooo soft and securely holds my AirPods. And it comes with a little clip on the side that you can easily secure to your favorite bag or even you or belt loop. It is now my favorite Koya merch because now I can always have him with me!

So cute!!!

It’s so soft and cute! It fits the AirPods case nicely and the hook is very secure. I’ve been wanting to get a Koya case and I’m so glad I got this one. Highly recommend to get this adorable case!!💜

The Cute Koya Case

I have been wanting a cute AirPods Case for so long so when I saw this I knew I had to get it. It's so soft and fits the AirPods perfectly. It closes perfectly and the material is very good. The hook is great and secure. People always complement me when they see my case asking me where I got it from. Plus I added a Koya keychain to it and now its 100x more cuter.


I bought this as a gift for my sister and she's totally in love with it! 💜