BT21 COOKY Epoxy Decal Sticker (30)

Resembling droplets of water, epoxy stickers are a fun and unique way to customize your belongings.  

PLEASE NOTE: The sticker release liner is not part of the actual sticker and must be removed before use. 

Product Description:
BT21 epoxy decal sticker (type 30), 1pcs.


Product Size:
2.5" X 2.4" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
he’s got a heart butt!!!

i never thought i could love a sticker as much as i love this one !!! first of all, i could say it a thousand times, but the line friends epoxy stickers are THE BEST! they are such amazing quality, and have great packaging and designs. when i saw this cooky sticker i knew i just had to have it before it sold out! i don’t know where i’m going to put it yet, there’s so many options, but cooky showing off his heart butt is the most adorable thing ever! i am so happy with my purchase and i hope there are more adorable designs like this one in the future! i think this website has got me hooked on everything bt21 :)

The cutest toosh in town !

The sticker is just downright adorable! I've said it before but the epoxy stickers from Line are some of the best stickers you'll find. They're transparent and thick and give a cool 3D effect. This is a really fun one to put on the back of your phone !