BT21 CHIMMY Epoxy Decal Sticker (08)

Resembling droplets of water, epoxy stickers are a fun and unique way to customize your belongings.  

PLEASE NOTE: The sticker release liner is not part of the actual sticker and must be removed before use. 

Product Description:
BT21 epoxy decal sticker (type 08), 1pcs.


Product Size:
2.5" X 2.3" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
best stickers in the world !!!

OMG! these epoxy stickers go above and beyond my expectations, the quality of them is AMAZING. I didn't really know what to expect from them, but I was definitely surprised when I opened them up! they’re larger than I thought but they’re honestly the perfect size! the packaging was very nice and put together as well! the 3D effect is so cool and the designs are overflowing with cuteness!!! this chimmy one makes me feel so happy, I mean just look at him!! this sticker is the perfect addition to my bt21 stationery. I will definitely add one to every line friends purchase now!

Yes Chimmy ! Hearts for this sticker !

I really really love this sticker and I'm probably going to end buying it again. The epoxy stickers from line are some of the best. They're really thick so when you place them on a surface, they stick out a bit giving it a 3d effect. The epoxy stickers are really sticky and vibrant. Because they're transparent I like to put them on my phone case and my nintendo switch case.