BT21 Universtar Fleece Teddy Zip Up Jacket Lavender (w/ free gift)

RJ's idea + BT21 = a winter uniform for all. This thick sherpa jacket is made to keep out cold drafts while keeping its wearer comfy in toasty warmth. A muted shade of lavender makes this jacket even more unique. Each jacket comes with a fleecy RJ drawstring pouch to match. 

Product Description: 
BT21 Universtar fleece zip-up jacket w/ RJ pouch 


Product Size: 
27" X 23.1"(size Small)



Customer Reviews

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So warm & cozy & comfy, & it got so many compliments!

This jacket is so wonderfully warm and cozy, and just flat-out cool. I took every opportunity to wear it when it was even a little bit cool outside, and every time, at least one person commented on how pretty it is and how comfy it looks. It's not a raincoat by any means, but I was even able to wear it on misty days, and that wonderful "fur" kept me warm and dry. It's like wearing a big hug. I still haven't put it away for the summer, just in hopes that we'll have a cool day and I'll be able to wear it for a little bit.

Tamara Reese
Very comfy and cozy

I love this sweater, it's very comfy and cozy. It reminds me of RJ (love of my life). If you want something BT21 I highly recommend this. It's got everyone on the back and it's so comfortable and warm. May not be ideal as the weather warms up, but if you get cold. This will keep you warm.

Cute and comfortable

I've been eyeing this jacket since it came out. It's big enough that I can wear several layers of clothing underneath. The material may not be the softest but it does keep you warm. I love pastel purple color and the little pouch that came with it.

Love this! Best winter decision ever

I love this! It is so warm and so cute and the color IRL is amazing. It is perfect for the winter time and a great purchase

Perfect for winter!

Bought this for my daughter for her birthday because it was just too cute to pass up, color is her favorite and you can guess who her favorite group artist as well (it’s mine too actually). Some may think that the jacket is expensive, but you get what you pay for - it is well made, cozy and warm (picture taken at 20°F in Indiana, where it feels like 12°F). You may find size-S a little big if you wear size-XS like my daughter, but she can now wear layers of clothes (even her fave thicker sweater) and won’t feel squeezed in a jacket, especially when weather drop to negative number. I may get one for myself.
Packaging was great too, especially when the weather delayed the delivery, I could have been handed a ripped or wet box and my much awaited package would have been ruined. But Line Friends have been good packaging their products, rest assured your item(s) will arrive in great shape should the box arrive unexpectedly with slight damage.
So if you are looking for something warm to wear with a very cute design - don’t delay, add in cart and checkout.