BT21 Toaster

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    Super cute

    I love it, it is so cute and if u are an army that loves to just collect bts merch then this is a perfect addition to ur collection. The quality is pretty good. The size of it is smaller than the real toaster but to be honest I personally bought this not to use it! I love collecting bts stuff. So I don’t really mind that it is a bit smaller than the actual size. It is amazing and it is worth the price.
    Thank you so much for the amazing service and fast delivery. I can’t wait to see more new bts products 😁

    Also wish I had known it is too small for bagels

    For the price point, I think it’s pretty whack that you can’t make bagels in this thing. I was also disappointed to realize it’s a single-sided design (especially since the paint was chipped on mine). Even still, it’s effing adorable, works well and I don’t regret my purchase.

    Marisa Orellana
    Cute and quick but no bagels :(

    I tested it by letting it run empty for a few minutes as suggested in the manual, and it heats up super quick. I have not yet tested it on bread though since i don't usually eat toast, i bought it for bagels but it is too small for bagels :(