BT21 TATA Wireless Car Charging Phone Holder

There is no need for a line between us! Whether you are driving or studying at your desk, it doubles as a phone cradle & charger. This wireless charger is supported up to 15W.

Product Description: 
BT21 TATA Wireless Car Charging Phone Holder


Product Size:
3.9" X 2.3" X 4.7"


Customer Reviews

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please restock asap :((

Livi M
so cute and useful! I love it!!

OMG, I was finally able to get one of these!! I’ve been constantly checking back in to see if they were in stock and I finally got one! I mainly got this because I wanted something cute that could hold my phone in the car while it displayed the music playing. My car doesn’t show the title or artist of the song being played but using this now I can always see it without having to worry about taking my eyes off the road for too long. I also love the wireless charging feature of it too! it’s so useful to only have 1 cord instead of 2. It’s very reliable and I will definitely being trying to get a few of these for family and friends who are also fans like me 🙃💜

Jazmin NV
The best

I am very happy to have this charger, I love it, I have not seen any problems, it is cute and it holds VERY well. I have it connected to the stereo. I'm about to get a charger-adapter to activate the fast charge <3

AMAZING!! 11/10!

I am so impressed! I’ve been eyeing these for months waiting on a restock so I could replace my old phone mount, and I was finally able to snag one. The charger works really well — even with photocards in your phone, and I have 4 in my case! The sensor picks up at different distances, which is cool as well. You don’t have to work really hard to get it to sense your phone, and the button also helps in removing it. The little screw that tightens the moving joint is a great feature to keep the charger secure on the mount or the vent clip, and I live on gravel roads, so this is great for those bumpy rides! The Mount is rather large, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick it somewhere in my car, but the vent clip is great and minimal. 11/10 product! Highly recommend if you can get your hands on one!

Karla Rojas
Best purchase!

One of the best purchases I bought for my car