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    BT21 TATA Universtar Metal Badge 3

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    Absolutely adorable and everything I expected

    Tata Metal Badge

    Very good quality!!! It was super pretty and it got delivered before I expected


    It was a gift I chose for my friend. She loved it. As did I. Quality was miraculous. Very hardy material and the detail was exquisite. 5 star rating.

    Freaking Adorable!

    I literally just got this in the mail 20 minutes ago and let me just say IT'S SO CUTE! I've been looking for a cute BT21 enamel pin for a while and I just couldn't let this one go! Number one: this pin not only came with one, but two pins! I was only looking for one cute pin, but I found two for the price of one! Two: I am in fact a Capricorn (today is actually my birthday!) So the fact that Taehyung is my bias and Tata is my BT21 bias and they happen to be Capricorns is awesome! I couldn't let this pin go! Three: the design of the pins is so freaking cool! I have always loved things that incorporated space and planets and stars and galaxies, so the design of the pins was just so perfect for me! I have always loved constellations and the zodiac signs so this was another pro and must for me! Four: the packaging was also so cute! I know the packaging isn't the main reason you would buy this, but it's just too cute not to mention! The little silicone package the pins came in was so cute I almost didn't want to take the pins out! Plus the little display paper the pins were connected to gave more "spacey" vibes to love. The packaging is definitely a keep, you cannot throw it away! Lastly, five: it's very convenient! I also bought the Universtar wallet Tata version for my birthday and as soon as I received the pins in the mail, I knew exactly where to put them! There was just the right amount of space next to the Tata logo on the wallet for the Tata pin itself, so I pinned it right there and it was super cute! It gave me more space vibes with the Universtar wallet and pin together that I just super loved! I haven't had a spot for the Capricorn pin yet, but I will definitely be looking for a cute spot! Overall, the product you get for the price you pay is very much worth it. You get two pins that have a very unique design and the packaging is super cute! Plus the size of the pins is convenient for anything and anywhere! I'm super glad I spent my birthday money on this product and never would have ever regretted it! Thank you so much Line Friends and BT21!! 💜💜

    super cute

    super cute and the color makes it pop from all my other pins.