BT21 TATA Universe Standing Doll Set

Meet the royal family of Planet BT.
Featuring King FAFA, a stern and strict father; the first in line to the throne, Prince TUTU; the youngest but clever Princess TITI; and VAN, who helps BT21 complete their legendary epic.

Product Description:
BT21 TATA Universe Standing Doll Set with mini TATA, FAFA, TUTU, TITI, and VAN plush


Product Size:
One Size

Customer Reviews

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My Universtar!!!

I've been wanting to have this dolls since last year. They are super duper cute and adorable. I was so happy when I see its included in your sale items! GOOD BUY FOR LESS!
I cannot wait to have it since I ordered it in the US and I am residing in the Philippines, yes I am. My cousins who received my orders from Line friends will ship it soon.
It is definitely on of my best buy, cause I am a Tata bias though i love all the characters of BT21.
Hoping Line Friends will release new collection soon!

Very good

Right when it was said to be sent it got delivered very fast. I order the other doll sets and they all came in one big box. All of them came in perfect condition.

They are soooo cute and high quality

I've been wanting to buy Fafa, Tutu, Tata, Titi, and Van for months and I was going to buy it but I received it as a gift - oh my gosh - the quality is amazing! They are soo soft, well-stuffed, and so bright. I laugh every time I think about their names, and keep them close on my bed. They are so cute and goofy in the best way.

Box is damaged

I would definitely have given 5 stars but the problem is the box is damaged. As a collector, I'm quite disappointed since I don't plan on removing the toys outside the box. I wish they could've bubble wrapped it or checked the box first before sending it out.

Love it

My younger sister has been wanting this so when she got it she was so happy . She sleeps with all of them .