BT21 TATA Sweet Hardcover Notebook

This mini hardcover notebook with rounded corners features each member of the BT21 squad having a good time along with perfect snacks for them. Which snack is your favorite?

Product Description:
BT21 TATA sweet mini hardcover notebook with rounded corners - rings


Product Size:
6" X 4.4" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cute and practical!

I’m so excited to have another product in my TATA Notebook collection! The notebook is not only adorable but also useful for a new school year! Honestly, the notebook is REALLY of good quality. The cover is perfect with the color blue. It contains so many pages for me to write. I guess there are more than 100 pages! Those pages are so white and smooth. The notebook’s design is my favorite part. It has TATA with colorful cereal. The price is so reasonable for such a high-quality notebook. It’s so great in my backpack! Now I can finally write all things on it! I would love to recommend this to everyone to buy it! Thank you Line Friends for selling the best notebook ever!

Izzy Artiste
Love the notebook !

This is a great notebook to have if you need a mini book to write or sketch in! The design is so cute, it has TATA surrounded in colorful cereal and is in a really nice shade of blue. Pen ink doesn’t bleed through the paper and you can even fit the notebook in mini book bags. There’s also so many pages in this notebook, I’m very impressed. I personally use it to sketch and draw but it can also be used for other writing needs that you have! This is a really cool mini notebook for anyone that is looking and a great addition for any TATA collecting! I’m leaning to buy this again once I finish using up the pages of this notebook.