BT21 TATA Dream of Baby Fluffy Bucket Bag

Add a unique texture to your outfit with a fluffy bucket bag. A rounded silhouette makes this bag cozy by design--a great choice to grab and go for causal days out of the house. Has drawstring closures and inner pocket compartments. 

Product Description: 
BT21 Dream of Baby Collection baby TATA fluffy bucket bag w/ removable straps 

Polyester, Cotton

Product Size: 
9.9" X 9.9" X 6"

Customer Reviews

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Such a cute and adorable bag! ❤️♥️💛💙

When I first saw Tata, I knew I had to add it to my bucket bag collection. Tata is so adorable in so many ways as a character in BT21 and I am a fan of him. The material is super soft and like the other character bags I own. Tata does not disappoint. One of his unique characteristics is that his head resembles a ♥️. Which is awesome, because it feels like you’re carrying a bag filled with lovely items every where you go. I’ve received a lot of compliments by fellow army fans on owning this one like the others I’ve had. If you’re a complete fan of Tata, as he’s the center piece of BT21, definitely purchase this bag. It’s large enough to fit a notebook, phones, headphones, water bottles, etc. it’s not large enough to hold an iPad Pro or a large tablet. But, still an amazing size. My photos show how it will arrive in original packaging. Definitely a lovely room statement too. Also, you can adjust the strap or remove it to use it like a handbag. Tata is just so adorable and amazing. Puts a lovely cute and adorable smile on your face every time you look at it. ❤️

Definitely worth the buy! And also careful to not overfill the bag, some people reported that it opens back up on its own. It’s not a defect, but make sure to not overdo it and it will sure bring a smile to your face everyday!

chelssea calderon
So Fluffy & Cute ❤️💛💙

I saw it and thought I absolutely must have it. Words can’t describe the joy I feel when I carry my bag. My bby Koya & Tata keychains fit so well hanging on the bag. I can use this for taking a nice stroll with drawing materials ready. This bag is good for the beautiful and simple pleasures. Oh and the material is so soft I sometimes forget it’s a bag and rather just cuddle with it 🤣. Can’t t wait to make more adventures with my new Tata bag.

Glacia BT21
BT21 TATA dream of baby bucket bag

This bucket bag is the cutest and it's so soft. Very well made and the shipping and delivery was fast. I will love it forever. Thank you 💜💜 5 stars


I love this new BT21 TATA bucket bag, It is so cute and fluffy. Plus, this bag is really spacious and great to use on a casual day. I can usually fit my phone, wallet, airpods,sanitizer, sunglasses and even a water bottle! I also love how I can use the bag two different ways since the straps are removable, it is really cute holding the bucket bag and very comfortable and easy with the straps. Im planning on buying a cooky version because this bag is so cute, useful, and affordable!!