BT21 TATA Zippered Card Pouch

This pouch is here to save your time. Place your any card in the card slot to easily locate your card or swipe your access badge. For ID cards, just give a tap with your pouch with the card in place. The zippered compartment can store small trinkets or items you frequently use.

Product Description:
BT21 TATA zippered card pouch 

Shell--100% Cotton

Lining:--100% Polyester

Product Size:
4.6" X 4.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So cute and practical!

I had been thinking about getting a card wallet for some time now, so when I saw this was on sale for less than $10 during the Double the Love Valentine's-themed sale, I knew I had to get it. I've been using it recently and really like it! It is exactly as cute as pictured and very spacious. Multiple cards and some cash can fit easily, but snugly (I have attached a pic with a card inside, for reference). I like how the inside is that characteristic Tata blue shade, the zipper is in the head of Tata, and even the tag on the side shows Tata and his blaster on the back -- all nice, detailed touches :)

When I purchased it, I liked how it was black because I felt like it would be less prone to looking dirty. However, when I received it, the material felt a lot softer than I anticipated, so it might get dirty if you touch it when your fingers are not clean (such as after re-applying sunscreen or something). It has gotten a bit dusty in my bag, even though I haven't used it much (as shown in pics). But overall for the price and quality, I really like it and recommend it! It makes me happy every time I look at it :)

Love it!!

good quality and size for cards! I like it!

Nothing but perfect!

Its small but spacious! so cute and easy to carry!

Maria Cachuela

Love it❤️

Rebecca Mendoza
Nice Wallet

It's very spacious. It could hold a lot of cards and money.