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    BT21 TATA BABY Prism Flat Fur Standing Doll

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    Neha Kapil
    The most unique BT21 baby collection yet!!

    This is by far my favorite BT21 collection yet! I've been waiting for a unique spin on the BT21 baby characters and this is everything i could have asked for!
    First off the packaging is so adorable and precious! It comes in a fun candy wrapper pouch which you'll want to keep since its resealable and doubles as a great storage bag. There's fun little "Rainbow special flavor" title with pretty pastel colors and nutrition facts on the back which i thought was a funny detail.
    As for the doll itself, the rainbow tie dye fur is sooo gorgeous!! I love how each doll has its own unique tie dye pattern so each baby is truly one of a kind. The material is very soft (it instantly feels therapeutic to not only see something cute in your room but to touch it and feel comforted right when you hold it).
    The best part is the purple plastic hearts on their butts!!
    I thought this was such a clever bangtan reference and a little detail that makes this edition all the more special whether you're a fan or not. I live for all the quirky details on this series!
    Bonus points for it being small so you can prop it up anywhere or take it with you on the go!

    I promise you will fall in love as soon as you get your hands on these! 100% worth it and a complete serotonin boost!

    I did a mini unboxing of Tata and Mang from this collection on tiktok if anyone would like to check it out before purchasing: