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    BT21 TATA BABY Plush Cross Bag

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    I had this since last year and it's very cute

    Angie Ubillus
    The fabulous bag

    This bag is super cute, fluffy and adorable. I adore it, it was a good buy. It is spacious and has the perfect size, I can even put my console, it is super cute, I recommend it. It arrive without any problem and has no damage.It is perfect to carry your cell phone or console with your headphones, accessories, lipstick and other things.and it is with any article of clothing, be it a dress, jeans and a shirt, it fits with everything and is even so soft that you do not even notice that you have it on. It is perfect if you are one of the people who only carries a few things and mostly always carries your cell phone and headphones.

    Fits the Essentials

    Love this little adorable crossbody bag! It fits my everyday essentials: cell phone, card wallet, pen, keys, and lip chap. Highly recommend to purchase.

    Gioiaella Gonzalez
    I love my Tata side bag soo much 💜

    I'll start off with Saying how much I absolutely love this tata side bag it is so convenient and cute!!. I bought this for those days that I like to go out for a walk to the park with my kids or for a quick walk to the supermarket or even while I'm in my car and need to run out somewhere really quick and I don't wanna take my big bt21 purse with me. I figured I get something small, I already have a small side bag that is also bt21 but I thought this one would be cuter because it was tinier and Fluffy at had a really big Tara on it ☺ it stood out and i really thought it was cute! let me tell you I do not regret the purchase at all the qualities always %100 with line friends .when I tell you this bag is super convenient I mean it fits my Galaxy S20 plus phone right inside as well as my ID and credit card my chapstick and of course my BT21 face mask and hand sanitizer lol super cute for anyone younger or older .I definitely recommended it!💜💜💜

    P.s I absolutely love Line Friends /BT21. Everything I buy from Line Friends is always great quality and great prices ,not to mention my favorite characters ever! I am so excited and happy with my recent line friends purchases that I've made in the last couple of weeks from my baby TATA side purse to my Devil cooky key chain to my TATA coin purse to my TATA Piggy bank I love everything everything everything! my Halloween TATA plushie and my shooky Halloween plushie my character plush head bag charms I mean come on 😝. A couple of my favorite items are the super soft pjama socks ,I have every character baby version and regular version And I can't get enough of them, they are just super soft and warm and keep my footsie toastie .my wireless charging pad works really good and im glad I purchased that As well ! my character magnets for the refrigerator are awesome I have every character all forms of magnets I just absolutely love BT21 and line friend's quality.. I can't wait to go back online and see if they have anything new to purchase. I purple #LINEFRIENDS #LFMYPICKS

    Watch "line friend's BT21" on YouTube

    Jayleena Nieto

    I regret nothing when I received my package! The baby TATA plush cross bag was way better then I expected!! To anyone who is second guessing their choices, I advise you to buy this!