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    BT21 TATA BABY Hairband

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Joanna Figueroa
    So cute and soft

    Super cute I don’t regret buying it,I’ve always wanted a Bt21 hairband to wear I was rlly upset when the first version sold out so when these released it made me so happy and I knew I had to buy one.I ended up purchasing Tata he’s just so cute I love it,the hairband is made from velvet material super soft and smooth and very comfortable to wear. I also love the little plush it’s not too small or too big it’s the perfect size and it looks so cute on your head,you could never go wrong with these they’re just so cute and they look even cuter on I totally recommend u don’t have to wear them only for concerts you could wear these anywhere and at any time I wear mine around the house it’s just so cute that I can’t take it off, I love it

    Yulianti Yanto
    My favorite!

    My daughter and I were so grateful that we finally can complete the whole sets! We did it in 3 purchases. We love all 7 characters but RJ is my favorite and chimmy is my daughter favorite. But since we love them all so we decided to get them all. And I'm so glad that we did! They all awesome! Very nice materials. Very good quality. Can't argue with them. You can tell right away that is a great quality hairband. Very nice color and doesn't smells at all. It also very comfortable. Didn't regret that we actually bought them all And also, Tata is actually my fav!!! I got this at my 3rd purchases. It is so cute!!!!! It looks so cute on head. Fits it perfectly. It sits on her head so nicely 💜. Even RJ is favorite, but I can't deny that Tata is the cutest among them! Don't get me wrong, They all cute in their own way but Tata is my favorite for sure. Well, overall I'm so satisfied with these purchases. Didn't regret it all

    Stephanie Michelle

    It's perfect ,Arrived On time, It's soft and fits perfect

    Dahlia Machuca

    So cute. I would get this for concerts.

    Hitomi Chan Cosplay

    So I used the cute baby Tata headband for my Tata Cosplay that i wore to the BTS Iheartlive event and everyone loved it. Super soft and plush and doesn't hurt when wearing!!! Love it so much!