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    BT21 TATA Auto Hand Soap Dispenser

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    Cute but a little finnicky

    Very cute soap dispenser! But a little finnicky. Sometimes it’s too sensitive or doesn’t sense your hand at all. I have to turn it on and off sometimes to get it to work.

    Also, the soap bottle is a little difficult to refill. I looked up some tricks on YouTube, and apparently you have to pry it open with a screwdriver in order to refill it.

    Still a cute product and works when it works! :)

    TATA AUTOMATIC HAND SOAP DISPENSER + other bath accessories - SOOO CUTE!!!

    I'm not exactly part of the younger generation, in fact, part of the >50 years old generation, but I just couldn't resist decorating my recently remodeled bathroom with BT21 bathroom accessories. The characters are soooo cute, I just wanted to relive my younger days. The automatic soap dispenser is so cute and fun to use, I'm always going to the bathroom instead to wash my hands instead of the kitchen where I would normally wash. Fragrance of soap is like baby powder, which is so-so for me, but this is all about personal preferences, cuz I still looove my soap dispenser! It actually took me awhile to figure out how it operates since the instructions are in Korean. But, after finding a "how to" video on the internet, everything was working fine. The hand towels are of good quality as well, not thin or super thick, but how I like it. The RJ shower pouf is super cute and hangs nicely on my shower head. I've told my family no is allowed to use the towels or shower pouf, those are for decoration only... hee... hee... I would have bought the shower curtain too, but in the process of remodeling, I replaced my shower rods for actual glass doors. BUT, I'm hoping Line Friends will come out with more bath accessories, like full size bath towels as well to complement what I have already, we'll see.

    Tata auto hand soap dispenser

    I love it! Such a nice and adorable hand dispenser. Works great, includes the batteries and the soap smells pretty nice. Pretty easy to set up and use.